Future plans

perspectives 2015


The research phase launched in 2016 is complete. Now, it is time for the work that will give life to the project of the new shareholder, Casil Europe.

Objective: offering passengers the services of an international airport, which is developing its European low-cost traffic and its long-haul destinations. For this purpose, the airport's capacity will reach 12 million passengers a year by 2018.

The airport modernisation will be accompanied by a more appealing commercial offering, with the creation of a large shopping area and food court. This approach will be supported by the construction of a 4-star hotel directly connected to Hall A, a project which also illustrates ATB's real estate diversification policy.

By building a walk-on/walk-off jetty dedicated to low-cost and regional airlines, the airport will provide infrastructure designed in line with their economic model. This development will offer more capacity to airlines that use airbridges for their boarding operations. The first construction efforts are already underway. At the end of 2016, the construction of new check-in counters for airlines and tour operators, currently located in Hall D, started in Hall A. By the runway, levelling works have commenced for the works base that will accommodate the companies selected to build the new Hall A jetty.

A year of large-scale projects is beginning. Attention will focus on spring 2018, with the gradual operational launch of this new infrastructure, the final layout of which is unveiled on the following pages.